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Teaching to Neurodiverse Students kit

$230.00 Incl GST

Teaching to Neurodiverse Students

This is a combo pack of our 4 main manuals and templates. With this compendium of kits, you will have all you need to teach any student from early childhood to adulthood.

Teaching to Neurodiverse Students

BONUS: Also includes Google Doc versions of each kit for ease of customising and sharing in your school!

The Neurodiversity Compendium:

All 4 of our manuals on recognising, addressing and teaching Neurodiverse kids of all ages.

This is a combo pack of our 4 manuals and templates. With this collection, you will have all you need to teach any student from early childhood to adulthood.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for training seminars that may require you to take work days away from your students?

1 in 5 children in New Zealand are neurodiverse. If it is not recognised and considered, it can lead to low outcomes and crime. This guide helps you to make sure all children, regardless of their ability or impairment, receive the same education as all students.

This kit gives you all you need in 4 downloads for the ONE price!

The Neurodiversity Compendium includes:

  • Neurodiversity In The Classroom [READ MORE]
  • Empowered Education: A Handbook For Neuro-inclusive Teaching [READ MORE]
  • Inclusive Strategies: Supporting Neurodiverse Students In The Classroom [READ MORE]
  • Nurturing Neurodiversity: A Guide For Early Childhood And Kindergarten Educators [READ MORE]

Get your compendium today, create your in-school library and share it with all teachers in your school! You could even get the best to train new teachers arriving in your school!

How to teach to neurodiverse students

In these PDF manuals and Google Docs, you will learn how to recognise, assess, and address the learning needs of neurodiverse children. This includes a guide on how best to teach kids who are diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia. Not just that but be able to apply the strategies to any age group!

Get started today and download the entire compendium now.



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