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Handbook for Neuro-Inclusive Teaching

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Empowered Education: A Handbook for Neuro-Inclusive Teaching

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Empowered Education: A Handbook for Neuro-Inclusive Teaching

On the back of our very popular manual, “Neurodiversity In The Classroom” we have written a new guidebook to carry on from and expand upon it. This handbook for neuro-inclusive teaching provides new material and includes detailed, step-by-step guides on all these topics and templates to copy and use.

This can be used by any teacher, for any age and any subject.

Provided in PDF and Google Docs (Over 200 pages) by download or sent to you by email as an attachment or you can request a Google Docs version. You can copy it and distribute it to all your staff in your school, use it on your phone or print it.

UPDATE: Now includes a Google Doc version for ease of sharing with your staff!

The Contents of Empowered Education

  • Setting the Stage:
    • Understanding Neurodiversity; The Power of Inclusive Education; How This Handbook Can Transform Your Teaching.
  • Embracing Neurodiversity:
    • Identifying Neurodivergent Traits; Shifting Perspectives: Neurodiversity as a Strength; Practical Exercise: Recognizing Unique Abilities in Your Students.
  • Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment:
    • Building a Supportive Classroom Culture; Strategies for Inclusive Teaching; Template: Inclusive Classroom Action Plan
  • Tailoring Instruction to Individual Learning Styles:
    • Understanding Different Learning Styles; Adapting Teaching Techniques; Template: Personalized Learning Profile for Neurodiverse Students.
  • Subject-Specific Strategies:
    • Customized Approaches for Core Subjects; Cross-Curricular Integration for Holistic Learning; Template: Lesson Plan Modification Checklist.
  • Collaborative Partnerships;
    • Engaging Parents as Educational Allies; Working Effectively with Support Professionals; Template: Collaborative Support Plan.
  • Assessing Growth and Progress:
    • Developing Holistic Assessment Methods; Overcoming Challenges in Evaluation; Template: Neuro-Inclusive Progress Tracker.
  • Nurturing Confidence and Self-Advocacy:
    • Empowering Neurodiverse Students; Building Self-Advocacy Skills; Template: Student Empowerment Journal.
  • Lifelong Learning and Impact:
    • Shaping Future Leaders; Leaving a Legacy of Inclusivity; Template: Personal Reflection and Professional Growth Plan.
  • Resources and Continued Learning:
    • Practical Tools for Neuro-Inclusive Teaching; Recommended Reading and Professional Development; Template: Professional Development Log.
  • Conclusions:
    • Celebrating Your Neuro-Inclusive Journey; Encouragement for Ongoing Growth; Inspiring a Neurodiverse Future in Education.

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2 reviews for Handbook for Neuro-Inclusive Teaching

  1. Mark

    Just downloaded mine today, thank you. Lots of material and easy to follow!

  2. Margaret Samson

    So pleased I got this resource for my teachers – we are taking the time to unpack all of the information together at Teacher Only Days Having it to dip into during the year is fantastic, as the need arises

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