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Community Truancy Action

What is Community Truancy Action all about?

The Community Truancy Action Initiative supplies a kit of resources that enable a school to increase attendance and connect with its community to reduce truancy. Many schools in New Zealand have already purchased this kit for themselves but many more have tight restrictions on their operational budgets.

Community Truancy Action Initiative - Stop truancy

The Community Truancy Action initiative of School-kits and Interweb Education is for all Councils to take part in reducing truancy in their region by purchasing our Truancy Resource Pack in bulk for all schools in their region. This would create a coordinated effort to get our kids the best chance of educational success and also reduce youth crime.

Are businesses in your area annoyed about school-aged children hanging around shopping areas, intimidating both shoppers and staff? Are they fed up with young groups of shop-lifters, bag-snatchers and ram raiders? If we watch the News, we know they are. This is your chance to initiate a truancy and crime reduction plan by using our proven strategies in a regional effort.

What does it involve?

We invite all local councils to play an active part in this campaign. This would coordinate business associations, truancy officers, police, social services, schools and concerned citizens. Using the copyrighted truancy resources developed by School-Kits for schools. With our latest ‘no truants’ posters and information sheets for retailers, we can all work together to ensure that ALL children are in school during school hours. Only by this means will they all have the opportunity to learn and succeed in life and we can eliminate daytime juvenile crime and substance abuse.

Parents have the responsibility to ensure that they observe the law by enrolling their children in a school and also ensure that they attend school. We encourage schools to prosecute parents of chronic truants but there would be no reason to go that far if the community and school can work together to ensure kids are where they are supposed to be through the School-Kits Truancy Community Action plan.


Although the Government has spent millions of dollars on truancy initiatives around the country, many regions have been either left to fend for themselves or have simply not had access to reasonable resources. Frankly, the government throwing money into a budget pool on truancy has not had any effect. Even those schools that are currently using existing government services are coming to School-kits for truancy resources!

We attempted this in 2003 with our first draft of our truancy pack but we were limited by our own financial constraints. We are the first and only private enterprise to develop an online truancy reporting system to assist participating schools. Our Truancy Resource Pack provides the resources needed by any school and community to terminate truancy. For this to work, we need local councils to join us and get this kit into the hands of all schools, participants and stakeholders.

Get involved

If you would like to support this plan and start your own local initiative to get children back in school, we can supply the resources and support. We all want kids off the streets. Being in school will reduce their chances of becoming connected to gangs and lead them to ram raids and greater crimes. By establishing truancy-free zones in your area and supplying all your local schools with access to these resources you can work together with us, the schools and your local businesses to get kids off the streets.

What we supply

When you get involved, we will supply all the schools in your area with a link to download our Truancy Resource Pack for free. Or, we can supply the link to you so you can coordinate. This way, you can lead to reducing truancy in your region. We can enable you to be the leader in your community and provide you with the resources to advertise and release media announcements. Skip to the kit now.

Our kit to councils will include :

  • guidelines on how to get started.
  • graphics you can copy and use in your region.
  • a link to our resource kit you can supply to all schools in your region. We can also do this for you or supply a list of all contacts and email addresses of schools in your region.
  • premade information sheets for local businesses on how to get involved.
  • posters you can print for businesses or supply the pdf files to businesses to print for themselves.

The cost of the Community Truancy Action Initiative

We do not get funding from grants or the government as we are a private organisation. Therefore, in the same way, as schools have to pay $49 for an individual resource pack, we would require input from councils. But, we can supply you at a bulk price for all schools in your region.

As all regions have at least 100 schools in their area, the regular combined cost to all these schools would be $4,900. We would like to offer this initiative to councils for ALL schools in their region for only NZ$1,150 (including GST) for 50 schools or more. Less than 50 schools: $499

The next step

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us directly by email:, use our contact form or get started today by purchasing your kit on our market and we will start the ball rolling for you and send you the council start kit.