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Teachers Library of Resources

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Access ALL our kits for ALL your teachers with our library of resources!

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Note: As schools are still asking, the low price has been continued for a short time.

Purchase a yearly membership and get access to ALL our kits for ALL your teachers through this teachers’ library of resources!

Take a copy onto your Google Drive, customise the templates, personalise worksheets, modify and share!

With your yearly membership, you get access to all our school resources for 12 months. You can access any or all of these kits at any time and can either read online or download them for later. You will receive a password to access the members’ page when your school joins. From there you will be able to access all the titles below at any time. Share this password with ALL teachers within your school! Kits and guides for everyone and every class!

Access any day or download them all!

Each of our kits would normally cost between NZ$39 and NZ$149 to purchase and download. Get access to all these resources (currently at over 52 kits of over 72 resources, templates and guides!) for one low price!

Purchasing all these kits would cost you over $2,500

NOTE: If you have already purchased one or more of our resources within the last 6 months, we can deduct the total value of your purchases up to a maximum of $150. Please get in touch with us to arrange a discounted invoice.

You also get a Google Sheet with links to all the resources to copy onto your Google Drive to share with your school Staff!

At the moment you will get access to all the kits below. More are added each month and you will continue to get updates to our entire catalogue!

Read them online, take copies to your Google Drive or download them any time over 12 months!

  • Actions and Consequences
  • Active Classroom Blueprint – Teachers Guide to Active Learning
  • Basic English
  • Basic Maths
  • Building a Basic English Course
  • Building a Basic Maths Course
  • Bullying Elimination Kit
  • Bystander to Upstander – Bullying Prevention Handbook for Teachers
  • Character Education Kit and Character and Values Education eBook
  • Curriculum Values kit
  • Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour
  • Diffusing Disorderly Behaviour
  • Dynamic Learning Styles
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • Empowering Student’s Dreams – Vision Board and Journal-making
  • Environmental Education eBook
  • Environmental Education Kit
  • Expanding Inclusive Education
  • Fitting In (for students)
  • Freedom from Being Bullied (for students)
  • From Seed to Plate
  • Guide for New Teachers and Additional Resources
  • Guide to Inclusion Support
  • Handbook for Neuro-inclusive Teaching
  • Harnessing Potential – Behaviour Management and Student Empowerment
  • Health and Well-Being Education
  • How to Make Friends – School Edition
  • Ignite the Flame: A Teacher’s Guide to Motivation and Engagement
  • Inclusive Strategies
  • Inspiring Minds
  • Keys to Learning (for students)
  • Life Skills (for students)
  • Mastering Structured Learning
  • Mental Health Kit: Supporting Student Wellbeing (Teachers Guide) and Stronger Minds (Student Guide).
  • Navigating Finances
  • Navigating the Internet
  • Neurodiversity in the Classroom
  • Nurturing Diverse Learning Styles
  • Nurturing Neurodiversity (for ECE and Kindergartens)
  • Pathways to Success (Alternative Education methods for “at-risk” students)
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • School Farming Membership kit
  • School Solutions – Problem-Solving Kit
  • Self-Directed Learning Kit
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strengthening Partnerships (teacher-parent relations)
  • Stronger Minds: Mental Health Tips for Students in New Zealand
  • Student Mentoring System (how to set it up and run it)
  • Supporting Student Well-being: A Guide for New Zealand Teachers
  • Teacher Mentoring System (how to set it up and run it)
  • Teachers Manual (classroom management and more)
  • Teaching Critical Thinking
  • Teaching to All: The Power Of Differentiated Instruction
  • Transformative Teaching Part 1
  • Transformative Teaching Part 2
  • Truancy Reduction
  • Values Education
  • Visual Teaching and Learning Kit
  • ZT Bully Pack 2024

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