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Inclusive Strategies

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Supporting Neurodiverse Students in the Classroom

Or…get this PLUS 2 other resources with our Action Pack.

Supporting Neurodiverse Students in the Classroom

Or…get this PLUS 2 other resources with our Action Pack.

As the final instalment of our series on teaching neurodiverse students, this manual provides specific, workable strategies for ensuring that ADHD, Autism Spectrum and Dyslexic students are catered for and addressed in everyday classrooms. Using these tactics will ensure that even undiagnosed students receive the best education style for their needs.

This manual is provided in both PDF and Google Doc formats (over 100 pages). Unlike a physical book, you can copy, customise and share pages or the entire script with any teacher in your school and always have it available for new staff.

Whether you’re a seasoned educator looking to enhance your teaching tools or a novice teacher eager to learn effective approaches for supporting neurodiverse learners, this resource is written to meet your needs. From understanding neurodiverse conditions to implementing specialised strategies for managing distraction and symptom management, this will equip you with the strategies and tactics to make a meaningful difference.


    • Overview of neurodiversity in the classroom.
    • Importance of inclusive education and understanding diverse learning needs.
    • Understanding Neurodiverse Conditions
      • Overview of ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and dyslexia.
      • Characteristics, challenges, and strengths associated with each condition.
    • Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment
      • Establishing a positive and supportive classroom culture.
      • Designing physical and sensory-friendly classroom spaces.
    • Understanding Distraction and Symptom Management
      • Recognising common sources of distraction in the classroom.
      • Strategies for managing distractions and promoting focus.
    • Special Strategies for ADHD
      • Providing structure and organisation in the classroom.
      • Techniques for promoting attention and reducing impulsivity.
    • Special Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorder
      • Creating visual supports and routines to enhance predictability.
      • Strategies for promoting social communication and interaction.
    • Special Strategies for Dyslexia
      • Implementing multisensory approaches to reading instruction.
      • Techniques for supporting decoding, fluency, and comprehension.
    • Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design
      • Adapting instruction to meet diverse learning needs.
      • Incorporating universal design principles to make learning accessible to all students.
    • Professional Development and Self-Care
      • Resources for professional development and ongoing learning.
      • Strategies for managing stress and prioritising self-care as a teacher.
    • Plus extras in another Google Doc – examples, lesson plans and worksheets

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