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In the about us section, you can read about where we came from, what we stand for and what we aim to do.

About Us


Supplying Schools since 2002.

Stuart Macmillan

Stuart Macmillan


Elizabeth Macmillan

Elizabeth Macmillan

Office Manager

Mission Statement

The purpose of School-Kits is to provide a wide range of guides and resources to assist with education.

Education can be defined as the giving or receiving of instruction. At School-Kits, we place value on the education of the whole person, not just the basics but pointers as to how each person can discover and learn by themselves.

School-Kits also provide tools to aid in life. Guidelines on how best to study, how to fit in and make sense of the world, develop a code of values to live by, make friends, create plans to reach goals and methods to train the individual on how to succeed at all they do.

Our school-wide-project guides also help schools reduce bullying and truancy, create a safer and better educational environment, fit in with their community and teach each child in the way they need to be taught. Together, we can make schools a place kids want to be and parents want to send their kids to, a place of engaged and fundamental learning.

Our Values

Parents are the first and foremost educators of their children and secondly their extended family. Schools are an extension of the home and the first part of the community that young people become a part of and receive guidance and instruction.

Schools have to address the needs of the modern child to ensure they are equipped to handle challenges put before them and tools to assist them along their path. School Kits provide extra resources for schools to help them accomplish this in depth.

None of our resources includes any of the sexuality or gender education that is currently being pushed by governments. We address students as he/she, boy/girl, and male/female as they are born. We promote gender, social and racial equality. We promote an education system and schools that only supply all the essential and basic tools to prepare students for work, character development and success.

about us and our History

School-Kits was conceived due to the need to provide all people, regardless of age, with greater access to guides on how to succeed in all aspects of life.

In 2002 the Character Education Programmes of New Zealand (CEPNZ) was formed with the purpose to help schools educate the whole person on developing their own set of values and how to set their goals.

Over the years we produced more resources and books to help teachers and students. In 2010 Edukits took over from CEPNZ and provided a greater number of kits to help schools and now School Kits cover even greater areas by creating more digital approaches to education and learning.

Now we are a family of websites inter-related to serve education worldwide. Our sites include:

  • School Kits – (you are here now) providing our own resources to help schools and teachers.
  • Teachers Market – Gift for teachers! Yes, you can buy our customised gifts with catchy phrases for yourself or a teacher or parent or coach! Shop online through us to help us keep our resources and services at an affordable price! Thank you 🙂
  • Interweb Education – Open to everyone! Sell your course online through us and upskill with the courses that we offer! Instructors and teachers can also upload and share, present and sell their own courses on our system. You can even conduct your course on Zoom through our system and deliver all your notes and lessons in one place and … It’s FREE!
  • Interweb Apps – Providing schools, small businesses and clubs with website and app creation services plus a range of marketing and digital products.

All of these services are under the umbrella of Interweb Education, our New Zealand-based and registered business (NZBN: 9429050425686).