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Online resources for teachers

Teachers Library: Resources for teachers: guides, tools for classroom and school management and school projects.

Collage of some of the guides on the teachers library

Members Library:

With your yearly membership, you get access to all our school resources for 12 months. You can access any or all of these kits at any time and can either read online or download them for later. When your school joins, you will receive a password to access the members’ page. From there you will be able to access all the titles below at any time. Share this password will ALL teachers within your school! Kits and guides for everyone and every class!

Each of our kits would normally cost between NZ$49 and NZ$99 to purchase and download. You can access ALL of our resources shown below and more as they are added at no extra cost!

To purchase access to each individual package would at this stage cost a total of at least NZ$750

Today, you can join at this early stage and get access to ALL of these kits PLUS every new kit as they are added each month for 12 months for just:

NZ$249 (incl GST)

Teachers Library Contents

To see the content of each topic, view the individual titles on the products page.

  • Basic Maths
  • Basic English
  • Truancy Reduction
  • Bullying Elimination Kit
  • Bystander to Upstander – Bullying Prevention Handbook for Teachers
  • Freedom from Being Bullied (for students)
  • Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour
  • Environmental Education Kit
  • Environmental Education eBook
  • Keys to Learning (for students)
  • School Farming Membership kit
  • Teachers Manual
  • How to Make Friends – School Edition
  • Navigating the Internet
  • Curriculum Values kit
  • Dynamic Learning Styles Kit and eBook
  • Character Education Kit and Character and Values Education eBook
  • Digital Planner 2023

Coming soon: Health Education, Actions and Consequences, Visual learning, Lifeskills, Self-directed Learning, Teacher Mentoring, Fitting in (for students), Personal Development, Goal Setting, Creating a Maths Course, Teacher Empowerment, and Problem-Solving.

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