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Effective Teaching Package

$249.00 Incl GST

Get your complete kit today: Mastering Structured Learning; Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour; The Power Of Differentiated Instruction
Inspiring Minds; Nurturing Growth Mindsets.

Download your pack today in PDF or Google Docs.

Effective Teaching Package

UPDATE: Now includes a Google Doc version of each item for ease of sharing with your staff!

Yet again we are bringing you a collection of teacher’s manuals to help in many aspects of teaching.

For a very limited time, this pack of FIVE guides is available to download at a very low, combined price.

Not only that BUT…Download today and you will also get:

Today you can get this entire collection and save over $200

You will get…

(click on the links to read more about each item)

  • Mastering Structured Learning    [read more]
    • Creating a Positive Learning Environment; Building Resilience and much more.
  • Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour    [read more]
    • A complete kit of resources and guides in one eBook to help you implement strategies to deal with and eliminate disruptions.
  • The Power Of Differentiated Instruction    [read more]
    • Strategies and examples to use that recognize the diverse learning needs, abilities, and interests of students
  • Inspiring Minds: A Journey Through Remarkable Lives    [read more]
    • A kit of 4 resources that showcase a diverse group of inspiring individuals to inspire your students!
  • Nurturing Growth Mindsets    [read more]
    • Step-by-step guides and valuable strategies for setting attainable goals, delivering constructive feedback, and instilling a growth mindset culture within your classroom.

Download your kit today. This price ends soon.

You will be automatically emailed with the links to download everything as soon as your payment is made. Last chance… get yours today.


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