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Whole-School Mentoring System

$120.00 Incl GST

The complete guide to mentoring between teachers and students

Download your double pack today – two for the price of one!

The complete guide to mentoring between teachers and between students.

In the double pack, you will get all you need to set up a Peer-to-Peer system of mentoring between your teaching staff and between your students. The Whole-School Mentoring System provides all the guides you need to create greater support within your school and a positive environment for both working (as a teacher) and learning (as a student).

What better way is there for everyone to learn, become more confident and create a greater and more inclusive school than this?

In the “Whole-School Mentoring System” kit you get:

  1. The Teacher Mentoring kit – peer-to-peer support for between teachers [read more] – usually $79
  2. The Student Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Kit [read more] – usually $79

Two kits for the price of one!

Download this double pack and get started today!


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