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Bullying Elimination and Prevention kit

$89.00 Incl GST

Bullying Elimination Kit

How to eliminate bullying from your school. This kit will give you guidelines you can access to help you monitor and eliminate all forms of bullying from within your grounds and within your local community. Create a school where bullying is not tolerated.

This kit provides a step-by-step process and worksheets to eliminate and prevent bullying.

How to eliminate bullying from your school

The Bullying Elimination and Prevention kit

Get ready NOW for 2023.

This kit provides a step-by-step process and worksheets to prevent and eliminate bullying. Follow it completely and eliminate bullying in one term!

Don’t forget to download your FREE eBook for your students (free to copy and distribute)

Well-being is about the emotional and physical safety of students in your care. This bullying elimination and prevention eBook and kit will provide you with these strategies and guidelines to help eliminate all forms of bullying from within your grounds and within your local community. The eBook contains a step-by-step guide on implementing procedures to prevent and eliminate bullying plus worksheets.

It is essential that schools have a system to deal with bullying and ensure the safety of the children in their care (by law).

A School is a place in which our children learn about life and mix with their peers as well as become educated. If this environment gives a strong message, followed up with practices, that bullying of any kind will not be tolerated, these children will have a greater attitude towards and the chance of success.

This kit includes:

  • How to deal with phone-text, messaging and social media bullying without banning phones.
  • Resources to help catch the “texting” bullies.
  • Guidelines on how to deal with and safely report cyberbullying & other forms of bullying.
  • Posters (to print from the files) for your school to display and remind students of your school’s zero tolerance of bullying.
  • How to eliminate gang mentality within your school community.
  • Creating Classroom Declarations to make a Wellbeing Policy for your school.
  • How to set up a student/teacher ‘Bully Mediation/Court’ system.
  • Creating a closer community within your school.
  • Involving all your students.
  • “Happy” exercises for students and other resources.

Teachers Resources:

  • Effective teaching and harnessing student attention
  • Enhancing communication skills with peers and students
  • Dealing with misbehaviour and threats
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • Rebuilding confidence and Recovering self-esteem
  • Overcoming stress and using it to your advantage and Beating fatigue
  • Enhancing and developing new leadership skills
  • Enriching the learning environment and involving the students
  • Discovering the Truth

Other Resources:

  • Excel Templates
  • Bully Tips Cards for students
  • Mobile Record Card for students to complete
  • Permission slips to carry a mobile
  • Report text abuse cards

ISBN: 978-1-99-105618-4

You will be provided with a link to download the eBook, posters, worksheets and templates in a zipped pack.

UPGRADE: Get ALL this plus a teacher’s manual and more in our Master Kit!

Bullying Elimination is the goal. Bullying Prevention is the method. Taking action is the strategy.


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