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Mastering Structured Learning

$79.00 Incl GST

A Guide for Teachers.

The benefits of structured learning and how to use it in your school and every class.

Includes step-by-step strategies, examples and lesson plans for STEM subjects.

Mastering Structured Learning: A Guide for Educators

UPDATE: Now includes a Google Docs version to edit, personalise and share in your school!

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Are you seeking innovative ways to inspire your students and supercharge their learning experience? Look no further. “Mastering Structured Learning: A Guide for Educators” is your key to transforming your classroom into an engaging, effective, and dynamic hub of learning.

According to a NZ Government website, “A structured literacy approach is recommended for students with dyslexia and those who are having difficulty with decoding because it directly addresses phonological skills, decoding, and spelling.” We believe it is the way to help all students regardless of learning level or any difficulty.

Structured learning isn’t just another pedagogical approach; it’s a game-changer. Imagine lessons that captivate students, boost comprehension, and nurture a love for subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and Technology. This is the goal of structured learning.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll come to understand the core principles of structured learning and how to implement it seamlessly in your classroom. This 134-page PDF and Google Docs eBook manual will equip you with the tools, strategies, and inspiration you need.

Contents covered in Mastering Structured Learning include:

  • Introduction to the concept of structured learning
  • Defining Structured Learning.
  • The importance of structured learning.
  • Theories that support structured learning.
  • How structured learning enhances memory retention and comprehension.
  • Implementing Structured Learning in Schools.
  • How to gain support from school administrators and colleagues.
  • Creating Structured Learning Environments
  • The role of technology in supporting structured learning.
  • The process of lesson planning with structured learning in mind.
  • Templates and examples of structured lesson plans.
  • A variety of structured activities and strategies to keep students engaged.
  • Structured Learning in STEM Subjects.
  • Specific examples and lesson plans for STEM Subjects.
  • Hands-on experiments and activities.
  • Guidance on improving reading comprehension and writing skills.
  • Assessment and Feedback in Structured Learning.
  • Overcoming Challenges and Adapting.
  • Real-World Examples of Successes with Structured Learning.
  • Downloadable templates, worksheets, and sample lesson plans for you to use in your classrooms.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking educators who are already experiencing the incredible benefits of structured learning. Are you ready to unlock success for your students and reignite your passion for teaching? “Mastering Structured Learning” is your roadmap to achieving this and more.

Download your copy today!


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