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Truancy Resource Pack

$99.00 Incl GST

Download and use this kit to help your school reduce truancy, increase students’ desire to attend and also set up a truant-free zone in your community.

Improving school attendance and reducing truancy

Newly updated as of December 2023

How to reduce truancy at schools – A comprehensive kit and manual.

In this kit, we will discuss the reasons and the impact of truancy and address the problem with updated strategies and resources.

This kit addresses many facets of non-attendance and provides you with a refreshing view of how to tackle truancy and reduce it over one term! The eBook manual (over 100 pages in PDF) and resources in this pack help schools coordinate with their community to ensure kids get to school and show you how to reduce truancy at your schools. It also addresses ways to make school more interesting and overcome some other reasons for non-attendance.

From the Ministry: “Under sections 36, 48, 49 and 242 of the Education and Training Act 2020, every school board must take all reasonable steps to ensure students attend school when it’s open.” Similar laws are in place in most countries and this guide will help your school to uphold school attendance laws.

Download and use this kit today to help your school reduce truancy, increase students’ desire to attend and set up a truant-free zone in your community.

The Truancy Resource Pack contents:

The contents of the manual

  • Causes of Truancy
  • Recognising Warning Signs
  • The Impact of Truancy on Student Success
  • Social and Emotional Ramifications
  • Building a Positive School Culture
  • Strengthening Teacher-Student Relationships
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Incentives and Recognition Programs
  • Early Intervention Techniques
  • Identifying At-Risk Students
  • Metrics for Success
  • Adjusting Strategies Based on Outcomes
  • Creating a Sustainable Culture of Attendance
  • Long-Term Strategies for Lasting Change
  • Truancy Resource Pack Guidelines
  • Rules regarding attendance
  • Parental Declaration of Commitment to Attendance
  • Extra Procedures for Staff
  • Identifying Potential Truants
  • Creating Truant-Free Zones in your community
  • Businesses Against Truancy
  • Reporting
  • Engaging the Community
  • Bonus section: Extra guides for discussion and use by students on citizenship, goal setting, friendships and code of conduct, values and more.

The resource folder of the pack includes (for use, customisation and printing):

  • Several Excel sheets for databases and attendance
  • Truant-Free-Zone posters for shops
  • Posters for the school
  • Goal setting, checklists and daily planner sheets
  • School rules
  • Information sheets for schools to give to local shop owners.
  • Guidelines on how to set up a Truant-Free-Zone in your community.
  • “Parent Declaration of Commitment” to the Attendance of their children at your school. Give to all parents/caregivers to sign to ensure they understand the law and your school’s policy on their responsibility to ensure the attendance of their children at your school.
  • Authorised permission slips are to be used for all absenteeism.

Order and access your kit today to help your school and community support the education of our children.

This price is for using this kit in ONE school.

ISBN: 978-1-99-105613-9


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