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Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour in the Classroom

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Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour

A complete kit of resources and guides in one eBook to help you to implement strategies to deal with and eliminate all forms of disruptive behaviour by students. Order and download today for your laptop, PC or other devices.

Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour in the Classroom

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A complete eBook of resources and guides to help you implement strategies on dealing with disruptive behaviour in the classroom by students. Download today in PDF format (can be used on any device, added to your school Google Drive to share or copied and distributed to your teachers).

One purchase = distribution to all your teachers!

With guidelines on how to discipline those students who are a constant annoyance to teachers and other students so that they will want to behave in the future and also a complete set of anti-bullying resources for your school.

These strategies and new guidelines are completely relevant for 2024. This new eBook (in PDF and Google Doc) contains guides you can copy and use with your students. Get your copy today for a better school day for all!


  • Establishing clear rules and expectations in the classroom
  • Using positive reinforcement
  • Setting consequences for disruptive behaviour
  • Using de-escalation techniques
  • Dealing with Misbehaviour and Threats
  • Identifying the root cause of the disruptive behaviour
  • Providing individualised support for students
  • Developing a behaviour management plan
  • Seeking support from colleagues and school resources
  • Creating a Positive Environment
  • Involving Parents in School Processes and Policies
  • Creating a Code of Conduct
  • Disciplinary Actions for Disruptive Behaviour
  • Dealing with Hate or Race-Based Prejudice
  • Eliminating gang mentality
  • Effective teaching and harnessing student attention
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Developing “Classroom Declarations”
  • Overcoming stress, beating fatigue and using stress to your advantage
  • Rebuilding confidence and Recovering Self-Esteem
  • Enhancing and developing new leadership skills

Download your today before the sale ends!

ISBN: 978-1-99-105617-7


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