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Stronger Minds

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Mental Health Tips for Students in New Zealand

Equipping students with the knowledge & strategies to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Download now and save!

The paperback version is also available for your school library – click here.


Mental Health Tips for Students in New Zealand

Download now and save!

Get both the guide for students + the guide for teachers in our Mental Health Support Kit.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, especially for young students navigating school and growing up. Stronger Minds: Mental Health Tips for Students in New Zealand is a friendly and helpful guide for students aged 7 to 18. This book is packed with easy-to-understand advice and practical tips to help you manage your mental well-being.

As you are also supplied with the Google Docs version of this book (over 140 pages), you can edit any content to meet your school’s needs. Divide it into sections, create handouts or develop lesson plans from it or simply make the whole book available to your students on your school’s digital library (we recommend this as a resource for all school libraries).

Discover why mental health matters and how it affects your daily life at school. Learn to recognise common feelings and emotions, and find out how to get stronger inside by building resilience and handling stress. This guide covers healthy habits like exercise, eating right, and getting good sleep to support your mental health.

Making and keeping good friends is essential, and this book offers tips on building positive relationships and dealing with bullying. Communication is key, and you’ll find advice on how to share your feelings and listen to others. Managing schoolwork and handling test stress becomes easier with practical study tips and relaxation techniques.

In today’s digital world, learning to use technology wisely is crucial. Stronger Minds helps you manage screen time, stay safe online, and develop healthy tech habits. When you need help, this guide shows you how to reach out to trusted adults and find support.

General Contents of Supporting Student Well-being

      • Why Mental Health Matters
      • How Mental Health Affects You at School
      • Common Feelings and Emotions
      • How to Recognise When Something’s Wrong
      • How Mental Health Impacts Your Life
      • What is Resilience?
      • Ways to Get Stronger Inside
      • Handling Stress and Worry
      • Healthy Habits
      • Why Friends Are Important
      • How to Make and Keep Friends
      • Dealing with Bullying
      • Talking and Listening
      • School and Homework Tips
      • Relaxation Tips
      • When to Ask for Help
      • Talking to Adults You Trust
      • Where to Find Help
      • Managing Screen Time
      • Staying Safe Online
      • Avoiding Addictions and Drugs
      • Setting Goals
      • Dealing with Setbacks
      • Preparing for What’s Next
      • Encouragement and Final Thoughts
      • Links and phone numbers for seeking help in NZ.

With this resource, you will also get these 2booklets for students for FREE:

All 3 resources will be supplied in PDF and Google Docs format for ease of distribution in your school and adding to your digital library. We believe these manuals should be made available to all students. This format will allow this.

Download a PDF copy and make a copy of your Google Doc book on your Drive today for your school!

The paperback version is also available for your school library – click here.


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