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A nationwide School Group established in 2008 to help schools grow vegetables, support and involve their community, give students of all ages a taste and education on where food comes from and how to grow it and work with others and your school can get started and join now …

Get access to discount seeds, guides to grow vegetables, fundraise for your school, and become a member of a larger group of schools working to create a closer community.

About the School Farming Community (SFC)

UPDATE: Now includes a Google Doc version of the members manuals for ease of sharing with your staff!

The idea behind this School Farming Community is that all schools and early childhood centres will be provided with the means, support and discounts to cheaply establish crop-growing patches and even farms in spare areas of their land to raise funds, be a leader in sustainability and become a pillar in their community by assisting those in need. Not only that but your students will also gain the experience that they can pass on to home life and receive training for future agricultural careers.

One Time Offer

Join this week and you will also get for FREE:

  • The “Seed to Plate” ebook (PDF) – usually $79 [read more]
  • Our environmental and sustainability educational resource “E-Think” – usually $59 [read more]

A complete package of do-it-yourself resources!


Membership is now for life – There are no renewal fees! Members receive special discounts from major suppliers and a resource kit (able to be downloaded and used right away – see below to join) for education, pointers, growing guides, how to get started, selecting your land, preparing the soil, fertiliser and tools you will require, how to get your students to develop an interest and enjoyment out of growing and eating their own vegetables, and much more.

Your Membership Pack

Join now and you get all of this via a link supplied to you when you join and pay the small membership fee.

  • A Resource kit packed with information and resources to get started and train your students.
  • Directions and price lists for ordering seeds and supplies through our chosen supplier (with 40 years of experience).
  • Discounts on all plant seeds – vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants, and herbs.
  • Details of your members kit (you download this upon paying your membership)
  • Full description, price lists and order forms on how to use the supplier.
  • How to get started, selecting your land, preparing the soil and tools you will require.
  • How to select the crops and plants you want to grow.
  • How to make compost and how and when to use it.
  • Plenty of tips for cutting costs, recycling and making your own equipment and tools.
  • Templates for keeping a visual record of your farm on your computer using Excel sheets and databases. Includes pre-made examples, pictures and a complete description of how to use it.
  • Guides for teachers on growing vegetables.
  • Guides for students on growing vegetables both at school and at home.
  • Selecting and growing flowers for your school’s garden and for growing and selling for fundraising. Templates and ideas for flyers to send home with students.
  • How to create and advertise a school farm market for fundraising. Includes details on financial aspects of calculating from costs to profit (for both the school farm and for students to learn how).
  • Guides on how to get students (including special needs and behaviour-challenged) and your community involved.How to get your students to develop an interest in and enjoyment of growing and eating their own vegetables at school and at
  • home (including healthy recipes to try out in the school canteen and for students to take home).
  • Take-home packs for students and parents on how to get a vegetable garden going at home including how your school could use the
  • SFC discounts on seeds to on-sell to the home for fundraising.
  • Guide on how your school can help the community by supplying a percentage of your harvest to needy families and even have them involved in helping you.
  • Links to where your school can get extra funding for special projects related to the environment and general learning.
  • Links to agriculture and horticulture training courses and further resources.
  • Details on how to access and use the extra online resources and download free updates to these resources.

Join the School Farming Community Today!

Download your complete kit today and get started!


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