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Empowering Students Dreams

$39.00 Incl GST

The Guide to Vision Boards and Journals

Ideal for all children! Get yours now and share with all your kids or students!

PDF version and a Google Docs version are supplied so it is easy to modify and share.

Empowering Student Dreams: Vision Boards and Journals

This 30-page guidebook is divided into 2 sections:

  • A Step-by-step guide for teachers with explanations and lesson plans.
  • A Step-by-step guide for students with a template of how to plan for their dreams.

It is presented with links to download both the PDF version and a Google Docs version so it is easy to modify and share sections in your classes. This version can be shared and used by all teachers and students within 1 school or organisation.

This is also a great idea for guidance counsellors and parents!

The contents of the guidebook:

Chapter for Teachers: Empowering Student Dreams

  1. Introduction to Vision Boards and Journals
    • Purpose and Benefits
    • Types and Formats
  2. Integrating Vision Boards and Journals into the Classroom
    • Lesson Plan Integration
    • Facilitating Classroom Discussions
    • Providing Ongoing Support

Additional Learning Guides and Printable Material for Students

  1. Student Guide: Creating Your Vision Board
    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Printable Templates
  2. Student Guide: Starting Your Vision Journal
    • Getting Started Tips
    • Prompts and Exercises

Download your copy today and this low price and help your students to reach their goals and set aspirations for their future!

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