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Environmental Education Resource Pack

$57.00 Incl GST

Insights, material, questions and many resource links for creating lesson plans or for students to learn by themselves about the environment.

E-Think – The  Environmental Education Resource Pack

The resource to teach about our environment and climate change

[updated as of February 27th 2023]

This Environmental Education Resource pack provides insights, material, questions and many resource links. Create lesson plans or let students learn by themselves. Presented in a comprehensive eBook for teachers with student lesson pant content and a folder with a google slide presentation and other material to use in lessons or your Google Drive for sharing in school.

Climate change has become a hot topic recently due to increased adverse weather, protests and the recent COP27. Our kit highlights theories and scientific principles that may not be covered in the government curriculum. This kit engages students to think and question popular theories and also guidelines to help students think about and create constructive solutions.

Many students have already shown initiative and created projects to solve some world problems. This kit encourages creativity and study by giving many resources related to technology so they can research and become problem solvers. These guides can help towards this plus provide educational material on all aspects of the environment.

Climate change is real and therefore we need to seek alternative energy and develop a healthy lifestyle. From the topics below, you will see we cover all this and more. Help our youth be more critical and open-minded so they can question all things and find better solutions than those already developed.

Topics covered include:

  • The current state of our environment.
  • What is global warming? An unbiased look at all aspects.
  • Carbon emissions.
  • The Protocol & Paris Agreement: What they mean.
  • ETS – The Emission Trading Scheme: An unbiased look at what it is all about and what it means to you in plain English for Primary to Secondary students.
  • Environmental Protection: What it means and how you can help.
  • Sustainability: A big word…what it means to you and me.
  • Points to discuss and topics for school debates.
  • The importance of plants and trees.
  • The dangers to wildlife and their protection (plus links to many NZ wildlife websites).
  • The Weather: How it works, how is it changing, plus how to monitor it.
  • Psychological Effect of Climate Change
  • Water: Its origin, its uses and its circulation.
  • Pollution and Waste: What it is, how it affects the planet and our lives, and what you can do to reduce it.
  • Alternative Energy: The choices for our future and inventors you could learn from to create a brighter future yourself.
  • Healthy living: What it means and how you can have a healthy lifestyle.
  • A guide to growing your own food and making compost (ideas for the school and home).
  • Continental Drift and the climate.
  • A collation of links to websites from around the world and New Zealand on the environment, healthy living and inventions that could help your future planet.
  • All materials can be used from any device or phone (the folder also includes a Google Doc version to access from everywhere).

Help your students think for themselves about the causes of climate change and how they can research solutions to create a better future.

ISBN: 978-1-99-105611-5


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