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Innovative Teaching Toolkit

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Three kits in one: How to engage your students in the class and develop a personal interest in their education. How to teach them to solve problems. Plus Alternative education strategies for difficult students.

The Innovative Teaching Toolkit

This kit supplies you with strategies to empower and engage your students in learning plus alternative education methods. You will be shown how to enable your students to be more involved and engaged in class and in their own learning. You will also be shown how to teach them to think critically and solve problems for themselves. On top of this, you will be supplied with alternative education methods to help the most difficult students.

In this toolkit, you get three of our resources for one small price:

  • Pathways to Success: Alternative education strategies for teaching students who face academic challenges or expulsion. [Read More]
  • Cultivating Classroom Connections: Strategies For Engaging And Empowering Students. [Read More]
  • Teaching Critical Thinking [Read More]

All three are supplied in PDF and Google Docs – easy to copy onto your Google Drive, customise and share in your school!

Download and copy your kits today!


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