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Community Truancy Action Kit

$2,300.00 Incl GST

Community Truancy Action kit

Download and use this kit to help your school reduce truancy, increase students’ desire to attend and also set up a truant-free zone in your community. The price is based on 50-100 schools. If you have less in your region, please see the under-50 kit.

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Community Truancy Action initiative

The Community Truancy Action kit is for a regional purchase for up to 100 schools or all schools in a council region (whichever is the greater).

[Read the full details of the Community Truancy Action initiative]

If you would like to support this plan and start your own local initiative to get children back in school, we can supply the resources and support. We all want kids off the streets. Being in school will reduce their chances of becoming connected to gangs and lead them to ram raids and greater crimes. By establishing truancy-free zones in your area and supplying all your local schools with access to these resources you can work together with us, the schools and your local businesses to get kids off the streets.

The price is based on 50 to 100 schools. If you have less in your region, please see the 50 or under kit.

The Community Truancy Action kit includes:

  • guidelines on how to get started.
  • graphics you can copy and use in your region.
  • a link to our resource kit you can supply to all schools in your region (we can also do this for you or supply a list of all contacts and email addresses of schools in your region.
  • premade information sheets for local businesses on how to get involved.
  • posters you can print for businesses or supply the pdf files to businesses to print for themselves.

The school kit addresses many facets of non-attendance and provides you with a refreshing view of how to tackle truancy and reduce it over one term! The 44-page eBook manual and resources in this pack help schools coordinate with their community to ensure kids get to school and show you how to reduce truancy at your schools. It also addresses ways to make school more interesting and how to overcome some of the other reasons for non-attendance.

The full contents of the Truancy Kit contained in your Community Truancy Action kit can be seen on its individual page.

Truancy Reporting System

All your schools will also be listed on our Truant Reporting system.



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