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Basic Mathematics eBook

$19.00 Incl GST

The Basic Mathematics eBook

A guide to all you need to know.

This ebook is a guide to how to do basic calculations without a calculator. All these operations are the basics of what everyone should know by the time they reach their teenage years. This ebook will guide you through basic mathematics and show you easy ways to learn and master arithmetic.

This book may be used as a textbook in school or at home but it may NOT be copied for use in any educational establishment without purchasing those rights based on the number of students that will be using them. For this, contact School-Kits to negotiate your bulk price.

Subjects covered are

  • numbers
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication
  • division
  • long division
  • fractions
  • percentages
  • roman numerals
  • how to tell the time
  • Speed Mathematics

Plus links to some youtube videos to help you master these basics.

These are the basics that everyone should know to succeed in life. Anything else is additional depending on the field you wish to work in life.

ISBN: 978-1-99-105623-8


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