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Teaching Templates Toolbox

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A Guide to Classroom Success.

A complete kit of essential templates for all aspects of teaching.

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Teaching Templates Toolbox: A Guide to Classroom Success

Welcome to the “Teaching Templates Toolbox: A Guide to Classroom Success.” This eBook and template kit is your go-to resource for a comprehensive collection of templates designed to make your life as a teacher easier and more effective.

Organization and efficiency are keys to ensuring your students receive the best possible learning experience. Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned educator, these templates will help you streamline your lesson planning, classroom management, and communication with students and parents.

Inside this kit, you’ll find a wide array of customizable templates, from lesson plans and grade trackers to seating charts and parent-teacher conference schedules. These templates are not just blank forms; they come with guidance in the accompanying eBook on how to use them effectively and maximize their impact on your teaching.

“Teaching Templates Toolbox” is designed to save you time, reduce stress, and allow you to focus on what you do best: inspiring and educating the next generation.

In this kit, you get 2 things: A folder filled with templates in Google Sheets, Excel, Word, Google Docs and PDF and an eBook, in PDF format that guides you on how to use and adapt them for many scenarios.

Templates covered include:

  • Lesson Plan Template:
    • Outline the objectives, materials needed and the sequence of activities for each lesson.
  • Weekly Planner:
    • Plan your entire week at a glance, including subject schedules, homework assignments, and extracurricular activities.
  • Classroom Seating Chart:
    • Create seating arrangements for your students to optimize classroom management.
  • Student Information Sheet:
    • Collect essential student information, such as contact details, allergies, and emergency contacts.
  • Grading Sheet:
    • Keep track of student grades and assignments with a simple grading sheet.
  • Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduler:
    • Organize and schedule meetings with parents efficiently.
  • Behavioural Management Plan:
    • Create a plan to address and document behavioural issues in the classroom.
  • Field Trip Permission Slip:
    • Design a form for obtaining parental consent for field trips.
  • Classroom Rules and Expectations:
    • Outline classroom rules and expectations for students to reference throughout the year.
  • Class Roster:
    • Maintain a list of students’ names, contact information, and other essential details.
  • Yearly Curriculum Overview:
    • Create an overview of the entire year’s curriculum, including topics, assessments, and resources.
  • Emergency Procedures:
    • Develop a document outlining emergency procedures and evacuation routes.
  • Homework Assignment Sheet:
    • Provide students with a clear breakdown of their homework assignments.
  • Classroom Budget Tracker:
    • Keep track of classroom expenses and budgets for supplies and materials.
  • Professional Development Plan:
    • Set goals for your own professional growth and development.
  • Parent Communication Log:
    • Document all communication with parents, including emails, phone calls, and meetings.
  • Substitute Teacher Plans:
    • Prepare detailed instructions for substitute teachers in case you need to be absent.
  • Student Progress Report:
    • Share students’ progress with parents through regular progress reports.
  • Field Trip Itinerary:
    • Create a detailed itinerary for field trips, including schedules and contact information.
  • Classroom Newsletter:
    • Keep parents informed about classroom activities, assignments, and upcoming events.

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