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Supporting Student Well-Being

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A Guide for New Zealand Teachers

Equipping teachers with the knowledge & strategies to support students’ mental health.

Official release date: 22nd July – Download yours now and save!

Supporting Student Well-Being: A Guide for New Zealand Teachers

New release special – order now and save!

Get both the guide for students + the guide for teachers in our Mental Health Support Kit.

The mental health and well-being of students are paramount. Supporting Student Well-being: A Guide for New Zealand Teachers equips educators with the essential knowledge and strategies to support their students’ mental health effectively.

This guide addresses the unique challenges faced by New Zealand students, offering practical advice on creating a nurturing and inclusive school environment. From understanding common mental health issues to implementing classroom activities that build resilience, this book provides comprehensive solutions.

Over 160 pages provided in both PDF and as a Google Doc to copy and circulate in your school.

Learn how to build strong relationships with students, communicate effectively, and engage with parents and caregivers. Explore mental health programs tailored to your school’s needs, and gain insights into crisis intervention and long-term support for students facing significant challenges.

Supporting Student Well-being: A Guide for New Zealand Teachers is a vital tool for every educator dedicated to fostering a positive and healthy learning environment. Equip yourself with the skills to make a real difference in your students’ lives and support the mental health of New Zealand’s youth.

General Contents of Supporting Student Well-being

      • Importance of Mental Health in Schools
      • Common Mental Health Issues/Signs and Symptoms
      • The Impact of Mental Health on Learning
      • Building a Positive School Culture
      • Inclusive Practices and Policies
      • Promoting Resilience and Well-being
      • Effective Communication Strategies
      • Building Trust with Students
      • Engaging with Parents and Caregivers
      • Overview of Effective Programs
      • Adapting Programs to Your School’s Needs
      • Practical Strategies for Teachers
      • Classroom Activities to Promote Mental Health
      • Integrating Mental Health into the Curriculum
      • Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Classroom
      • Identifying and Supporting Students with Anxiety
      • Addressing Depression and Low Mood
      • Supporting Students with Trauma Histories
      • Crisis Intervention and Management
      • Supporting Students with Addictions and Substance Abuse/Recognising the Signs of Addiction and more
      • Training and Resources for Teachers
      • Recognising and Addressing Teacher Burnout
      • Strategies for Maintaining Your Mental Health
      • Working with Mental Health Professionals
      • Community Resources and Partnerships
      • Advocacy and Policy Change.

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