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Health and Well-Being Education

$59.00 Incl GST

Health and Well-Being Education

Step-by-step guides on presenting all the topics on Health and Well Being education in your school and how to implement healthy living into your curriculum.

Health and Well-Being Education

UPDATE: Now includes a Google Doc version for ease of sharing with your staff!

This new resource for teaching Health and Well-being topics in schools is provided in three elements in one package.

In your kit you will get:

  • A 57-page manual
  • Health Education slide show
  • Healthy Relationships slide show

The manual will provide you with step-by-step guides on presenting all the topics on Health and well-being education listed under the main subject headings below. These guides give you strategies, examples and many pages you can copy and use in presentations to students.

The slide shows can be uploaded to your Google Drive account and altered or shared as you like within your school.

For one small price, you can download this kit and share it with any teacher within your school.

Main headings in the Health and Well Being Education:

  • The Importance of Wellbeing for School Children
  • What is Well-being?
  • Steps to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Teaching about a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Food and Drink
  • Food Labels
  • Exercises
  • Coping with Difficult Situations
  • Peer Pressure and Anger
  • Things that can do you harm
  • Heart Attack! – a true story
  • How to Promote Positive Mental Health
  • Creating a Positive Environment
  • How to teach Sex Education
  • How to Teach a Healthy Sexual Lifestyle
  • Character Education: Key to Whole School Wellbeing
  • Incorporating Character Education into the Curriculum

Get your copy now and create a healthy lifestyle in your school and guidance for your students.



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