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Navigating the Internet

$39.00 Incl GST

Navigating the Internet

Your guide to getting online, finding your way around, staying safe and more. Links to free tools are included.


Navigating the Internet

If you want to learn how to get online, find your way around, stay safe and learn more and even start a business online, Navigating the Internet is the eBook for you!

If you want to purchase this eBook for use in a school or club, please contact us for a bulk price.

Main headings:

  • What is the Internet?
  • How do we navigate it?
  • How does the Internet work?
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Why do people use the Internet?
  • Set up a free email account
  • Internet platforms and tools
  • Social Media
  • Benefits of the Internet
  • Drawbacks of the Internet
  • Navigating the Internet safely
  • Learning on the Internet
  • Researching on the Internet
  • Tips for children on using the Internet
  • Tips on using your email safely, effectively and in a friendly manner
  • How to check if what you read on the internet is false?
  • Online collaboration tools and productivity apps
  • An introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Future trends in technology and the internet
  • Plus links to free online tools.

If you don’t know the basics before you get onto the Internet on your devices, you are taking a big risk as there are always people online trying to take advantage of others. Download this eBook now for a full guide and tips to keep you safe while you surf the Internet.

For added safety, we recommend using NetSafe.



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