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How to implement Character Education


Character & Values Education in Schools

The most comprehensive package offered to teachers and students on the development of personal values, good character, life skills, teamwork, and positive school-wide projects.

Character and Values Education kit

The most comprehensive package offered to teachers and students by Interweb Education on the development of:

  • personal values
  • good character
  • life skills
  • teamwork
  • positive school-wide projects.

Unlike textbooks, you have the right to make copies of the material for use within your school.

The purpose of the character education kit

This kit and book provide methods to implement Character Education in schools. Character education is based on universally accepted principles (honesty, responsibility, integrity, empathy, respect, etc.). These methods show how schools and parents can work together so that children will get the best education possible. This is the best way to give them the best chance of success in life as responsible members of society.

The method to guide your school

We will show you how you can develop a caring community within your school and in the classroom. This type of ethos will encourage the development of good character while improving your student’s performance. This means you will be helping your student succeed in more ways than just academically. You will also find out how to involve all your students, staff and the greater community to enhance the performance of your school.

The reason why this kit is important

We recognise that parents are the primary ethical educators of their children but social standard shows this is dropping. Schools as teachers of information and skills provide the secondary setting from which children develop their own set of values. If neither environment is favourable to the development of good character and pro-social behaviour, the end result will be a continuation of the decline in our society.

This kit and e-book provide guidelines on how to make character education an integral part of your school so you can create the right environment to help positive skills grow. You will be shown how to develop your school core values; present and promote all or any curriculum values; involve your students more in the classroom and school projects; increase attendance through student’s desire to be at school; involve parents more closely in the school and their child’s schoolwork; eliminate social boundaries; increase student achievement through goal setting and study techniques.

ISBN: 978-1-99-105615-3


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