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Free Books

    find free books online

    Do you like reading books? I know I do and I am always looking for something new. Personally, I only read non-fiction but did you know there are several places online you can find free books to read?

    Books have always been a great aid for helping your students learn and if you can get them for free, all the better! Listed below are a few places I found. Hope you can find something interesting!

    Many Books

    You will need to do some sifting but I am sure you may find something. See

    Google Play

    Yes, it’s known for apps and games but you can also find free books here!

    First, click on “Books” at the top and then scroll down a little and click on “top free”.

    Go to GooglePlay.


    My favourite! The best place to find all the classic books and older texts for free and you can also copy them to give to your students!

    Go to Gutenberg Books.

    PDF Books World

    Another site to look for books. Start here:

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